Newcastle Home Builders

About Us

At Newcastle Home Builders, we are proud of the homes we've built. We also create jobs, and we greatly appreciate that hardly a single endeavor in the country does not involve the construction industry. We are honored to have been provided the opportunity to build concrete homes and energy-efficient homes in our community.

Today, new home buyers want a solid home with high-quality construction, greater comfort, and additional security. They want beauty that's more than skin deep — a home that fits their lifestyle. Concrete homes are healthier, quieter, more affordable, more comfortable, and require less maintenance than conventional homes.

Dan Bush, President

Newcastle Home Builders
  • Over 15 years as a project superintendent for The Elview Company.
  • Has consulted on adapting conventional house plans to energy efficient ICF-built houses.
  • Managed the following commercial projects:
  • Perry Public Library
  • Valley Evangelical Free Church
  • Adel Manor, Winterset Daycare
  • Windsor Windows Corporate Office
  • Winterset Public Library
  • Senior Independent Housing, Boone

Concrete Homes

Newcastle Home Builders was formed to meet a specific niche in the residential market in the greater Des Moines and surrounding areas. That niche is to provide superior custom homes that take into consideration the growing trend to "build green." Newcastle Home Builders has built a growing number of ICF homes over the past several years. These homes deliver high performance, without high prices.

Newcastle Home Builders is owned by Dan Bush, President.