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Newcastle Home Builders strives to meet the housing needs of those who are concerned about energy costs, as well as those who desire superior custom built homes. Newcastle uses a team approach, with proven subcontractors, to meet your construction needs. Our services are structured to provide integrity, maximum control, alternatives, and design flexibility.

There are no hidden costs with Newcastle Home Builders. Estimates are reviewed thoroughly, to be certain each client is getting the home they want. Most projects are on a cost-plus a fee, where the client knows all costs that are in his house. Changes are made knowing what the costs will be so that there are no surprises as the home is completed. The fee is usually based on a percentage of the cost. Since there is less risk for Newcastle as the builder, savings are passed on to the client.

Concrete Homes

Newcastle Home Builers

Building Green

These homes are often healthier, quieter, more affordable, and more comfortable. They can also require less maintenance than conventionally-built homes.

A green home is based on four overarching categories:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Indoor air quality
  • Resource conservation
  • Water Use

The benefits of a green home include:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Lower Heating & Cooling Costs
  • Savings of as much as 50% to 80%
  • Increased Comfort
  • More uniform temperatures
  • Virtually sound proof interiors
  • Long Term Savings
  • Greater home value - through lower maintenance costs and greater resale value
  • Lower insurance rates
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Healthier Living Environment - with contaminate free interior air
  • Locks out mold and moisture
  • Eliminates outside allergens
  • Greater Fire & Storm Safety
  • Conservation of Resources
  • Reduced construction waste - using a patent-pending design that not only reduces the amount of waste, but produces waste that is 100% recyclable
  • Environmentally Sound - eliminating the use of wood in construction and the generation of CFCs, HCFC's or formaldehyde in manufacturing, as well as minimizing fossil fuels required to ship the lightweight products.

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Energy Efficient Homes

Newcastle Home Builers

Superior Technology. Extraordinary Performance and Value.

Today, home buyers expect to get more from their new home. They want beauty that's more than skin deep. A home that fits their lifestyle - of course but also a home with solid, high quality constructions, greater comfort and security.

Lower energy bills. Lower maintenance. A home that's healthier to live in, and easier on the environment.

It's becoming harder and harder to meet their new expectations with the same old building technology - wood framing. So more and more builders and home buyers are turning to something new. A modern adaptation of a centuries-old technology using the most proven building material on earth... concrete.

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